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RC Construction Equipment

AutoBlog recently posted an article about a Canadian that took 7 years to dig out his basement with RC construction equipment. Seriously, every single day, woke up, and drove his RC equipment to work downstairs. This amazed us, so we watched some of the videos that this fellow posted on YouTube, which led us to more and more videos on YouTube. Apparently, RC Construction and Forestry equipment is a really big deal. And a very expensive deal at that.

There are a few big websites dedicated to the RC truck and construction equipment world. The main one we found is BackyardTrucking.com, where the CAT 345 Excavator resells for $5890. Yowsers. Another website that we visited requested an extra $850 if you wanted the model assembled. Apparently it’s a big deal.

Here are a couple other RC construction and forestry videos that we enjoyed:

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